Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 1, Week 1

So today is my official "weigh in" day that I designated.  I started yesterday at 239, and got on the scale this morning and weighed 238.5.  Yay!  :)  Considering I hadn't started WW yet, not too shabby.  :)

Today is my official first day of WW.  I skipped breakfast other than a cup of coffee and two little biscotti cookies.  Shame shame.  For lunch, though, I did well (courtesy of a trip to the grocery store):

Sarah's WW Turkey Sandwich

1 Pepperidge Farm Deli Flat (toasted)
1 WW Spreadable Cheese (jalapeno)
3-5 Slices Oscar Mayer Turkey
Romaine Lettuce
Sliced tomatoes

Toast the deli flat, spread the cheese, put on the veggies and turkey--voila!  Instant tasty lunch.  I paired mine with a side of fat free yogurt (Blackberry Pomegranate) and another cup of coffee!

For dinner tonight, we're having my version of the Biggest Loser chili.  We make this every winter, and it's a big hit!  I'll be having mine over a baked potato.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Doing it WW style...

After much deliberation and though, I am joining Weight Watchers for the last and final time.  I say that because I plan on never quitting or having to sign up again.

I have stopped and started WW many times, and it's frustrating.  I find my downfall is that I'll have one day where I binge eat, and don't write down what I eat, think I've failed and quit.  No more.

Hubby was pretty disapproving of me starting WW again, especially since money is tight right now.  I promised him (we shook on it) that I would do the initial 3 month sign up, and if I didn't stick with it, I'd quit.  In return, he has to be supportive of me once I start!  He's not the best with promoting healthy eating/living.

So, be on the lookout for many more posts, I promise!  I'm not sure when I'll sign up for good--we're snowed in and I need to get groceries.