Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week Two: Done!

I've decided to go for gusto and open up about my weight in the hopes that it'll help keep me accountable.  I can't believe I'm doing this and it makes me horribly nervous, but I figure it's necessary for healing emotionally.

I started this weigh-in challenge at 235.2 pounds.  Today I weighed in at 226.5  After two weeks, I think this is a pretty damn fabulous start!  Part of my new lifestyle modification is to recognize when I'm indulging myself in little white lies.  I bring this up because in the past I have told myself that I really did the WW program for 3 months.  In reality, I really only tracked my foods for a week and a half, with some sparse tracking here and there.  The 3 months comes from signing up for the 3 month period.  I've told myself so many times that I just can't lose weight on my own--WW doesn't even work!  Really though, if I follow the plan honestly, I do just fine.  Taking the easy way out is almost ALWAYS easier than doing the hard work necessary to stick it out.  True story.

So, stay tuned for more revelations.  I hate confessing these things, but I'm finding that once they're out there, I feel like a weight it off my shoulders.  Is it possible to become a compulsive truth airer?  :)

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